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Many homeowners underestimate the danger mold presents. While mold is generally thought of as unsightly, what many homeowners fail to realize is that it is highly unsanitary and in some cases, can even pose health risks. So, if you've noticed the presence of mold in your home, talk to INSPECT IT ALL SERVICES, your local mold removal experts!


- An organic food source: cellulose in paper, wood, or drywall, natural fibres, even soil.
- Moisture, even high humidity in the air
- Moderate temperature, especially between 20 - 30°C (68 - 86°F)
- Stagnant air; not fresh or moving air

When allowed to grow, mold causes discoloration and structural damage to building materials. A significant amount of mold impacts indoor air quality and requires specialized remediation techniques.

INSPECT IT ALL SERVICES expert mold includes:
Assessment – An INSPECT IT ALL SERVICES technician will come into your home to inspect and identify mouldy areas as well as the source of the problem. The technician will use various tools such a moisture meters and thermal cameras, then formulate a mold inspection report that tells you the details of the issues pertaining to possible mould or moisture intrusion areas.

Testing - Following the inspection we can take air samples, bulk samples or tape samples and send them to a 3rd party laboratory. There they will test the samples and provide a full detailed report on what type and how many spores were found. The report will also recommend what kind of remediation actions should be taken for the specific mould and bacteria found in your samples.  

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