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Have you ever noticed the smell in the air after a lightning storm? That’s ozone. You can get the same clean, fresh smell in your house or vehicle with ozone.

Ozone Cleaning is a great odour eliminator because it attacks odours at their source. Permanent odour removal with ozone will also kill microorganisms and get rid of mold and mildew on the surface. Although this will not eliminate mold completely, it will remove the odour and surface mold.

Odour removal is necessary because smells develop from various sources such as fire damage, tobacco smoke, pets, cooking, moisture, mold, and body odours. These odours and vapors are not only in the air but adhere to the walls, ceilings, cabinets and crevices. They also get embedded in the carpet, the furniture, the drapes and clothing, as well as in the bathroom, kitchen and closets.

Ozone removes odours very effectively. For example, a rental property designated as non-smoking is often smoked in by the occupant. Simply cleaning it will not eliminate smoking odours because the fumes penetrate the furniture and fabrics, and tobacco smoke residue clings to the walls, ceilings, inside closets and cabinets and most other surfaces.

Depending on the size of the room or property our procedure can take anywhere from 1-3 hours. We require that no people or pets are on the premises and after we’re done we’ll need to air out the property for a few hours before you can return. It’s a quick and effective way of eliminating strong odours in your home or business.

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Trauma Scene Clean up
We have expertise in providing sensitive, prompt and professional trauma scene clean-up and restoring property. Our technicians evaluate the damage and when authority is given, begin clean-up of both biological and chemically contaminated scenes.

Carpet Cleaning
INSPECT IT ALL provides carpet cleaning services for commercial businesses and we offer FREE QUOTES.
Our customers are:
- Rental Properties
- Condo Buildings
- Office Buildings
- Restaurants

We Clean...
Carpets & Rugs • Hardwood Floors • Upholstery • Woodwork • Windows
• Walls • Ceilings • Kitchens • Bathrooms • and more

We also provide post construction and move in/move out cleaning services.
To get an estimate and to book service, please complete the contact form or call us at 306-540-6832

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